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Legal Director

OfficialBusiness SupportLegal22-LG-0999
locationHo Chi Minh City
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Job description

The Legal Director and Company Secretary, VNG Group provides strategic legal services of the highest possible standards to the BOD, the SMT, and the CEO. As the Group operates at the intersection of various traditional and modern laws, in an emerging market witnessing the outburst of internet services, the incumbent must possess the ability to delivery best-quality legal services to command the confidence of the BOD, the SMT and senior stakeholders.

The Legal Director provides strategic advice on all legal aspects of the corporate, investment and operational issues. The services provided by the Legal Director are expect to be of best quality and to form part of the decision-making process throughout VNG Group. The Legal Director leads and ensures effective management of the Legal and External Affairs Team, the efficient use of external resources. The incumbent works closely with other senior executives to ensure effective communication and information flow on legal matters related to the business of VNG Group. The Legal Director also acts as the head of Legal Department to represent VNG Group in working with regulatory bodies.

This is a demanding and multi-tasking position and will require an experienced leader with strong leadership, coaching and coordinating skills combined with profound business understanding.

To ensure VNG Group to operate in compliance with laws and regulations, protect and optimize commercial interests of the Group, contribute to building the reputation of the Group, by way of providing quality legal services;
To develop a corporate legal strategy that both promotes legal interests and and optimizes business interests of the entire Group;
To provide high quality legal input to the decisions of the BOD, SMT and CEO;
To drive a culture of professional excellence and agility, as well as provide vision and effective leadership for the Legal Team;
To coordinate amongst various business divisions and supporting functions to ensure highly efficient operation of the Group;
To protect and defend the Group against any legal challenges.

1. Corporate Consulting
  • Advising various legal issues, providing legal updates;
  • Reviewing/drafting contracts and legal documents;
  • Building legal templates;
  • Corporate licensing;
  • Central file-keeping, developing and maintaining contract management system;
  • Providing legal input from corporate perspective to the legal units of the Group’s business divisions;
  • Developing and managing relationships with external law firms, ensuring the use of external legal services with cost efficiency and best quality.
2. IP Management
  • Registering and maintaining IP rights of VNG Group;
  • Proactively acquiring key domains and IP rights.
3. Company Secretariat and Shareholder Management
  • Organizing GSM meetings;
  • Preparing GSM and BOD materials/resolutions;
  • Managing shareholder list and capital table;
  • Performing work related to ESOP matters;
  • Obtaining all necessary corporate and regulatory approvals for share transactions;
  • Handling public disclosures.
4. Corporate Governance and Legal Risk Management
  • Contributing to new legislation related to VNG Group’s businesses;
  • Detecting threats and giving risk alerts (software copyright, music copyright…);
  • Detecting and solving fraudulent cases;
  • Responding to authorities’ requests or investigations;
  • Participating in crisis management;
  • Ensuring the effective processes and systems for the execution of contracts and other legal documents by authorised signatories and that complete and accurate copies of contract documentation are kept and are accessible.
5. Dispute resolution:
  • Handling and coordinating all out-of-court settlement and disputes at court re. copyrights, trademarks, debt collection;
  • Representing VNG Group companies in lawsuits at corporate level;
  • Advising and coordinating with legal units of business divisions in dispute resolution.
6. External affairs:
  • Building and maintaining relations with Vietnamese regulator bodies;
  • Participating and cooperating in CSR projects.


VNG Group operates in a context which is more complex than usual, given the application of multiple laws to its activities. Leading the Legal Team will therefore require a proactive and versatile approach to providing solutions and a keen appreciation of legal constraints as well commercial and political realities. Consequently, excellent judgment is required.

  • Experience in leading a complex legal function and managing change, track record in building strong corporate governance;
  • 10-15 year legal practice with 5-year service as head of in-house counsel departments;
  • Well versed in all aspects of enterprise law, securities law, laws and regulations of internet services, banking and intermediary payment services;
  • Profound understanding of business needs, strong ability to view from different angles and propose solutions that best balances commercial and legal interests;
  • Strong strategic, analytical and influencing skill;
  • Excellent legal drafting skill;
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively with senior peers in leading an VNG Group;
  • Excellent command in English, both communicational and professional.