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Question: I already signed up VNG Fresher program but I have not received the confirmation email, what should I do?

Answer: Firstly, please check Spam category again in your mailbox because confirmation email may have been transferred to it. If you still do not see the confirmation email in spam mailbox, please send a message to the following fan page: Facebook VNG Recruitment with the following contents: Check the registration of VNG Fresher - [your email]. VNG will check, whether your registry information is available on the system or not. VNG will reply to you as soon as possible.

Question: Do I need to learn mobile programming to apply for Mobile Development program in VNG?

Answer: When applying for specific position, you are required to have background knowledge in this field, for instance, you have been involved in the project or scheme about the Mobile Development. So, if you never learn mobile programming but have practical experience about project in this area, you can completely confident to register.

Question: What is the difference between joining in Fresher VNG and the internship?

Answer: VNG Fresher is a recruitment and training program which is designed by VNG specifically to graduated students or graduating students. Fresher at VNG will have new and exciting experience, as well as having career opportunities more attractive than a normally internship position. So if you really love occupation fields of VNG Fresher and working environment,  don't hesitate to register!

Question: Whether VNG Fresher program has trained professional skills or not?

Answer: The VNG Fresher’s members will be trained through work and direct guidance from industry experts in order to help you implement practical knowledge to overtake the work. However, to become one of VNG Fresher and overcome this training period, students must have a firmly background of knowledge.

Question: If I’m second year student, can I sign VNG Fresher Program up?

Answer: The purpose of the program is after 3 months of training process at VNG, if you have good results of training process, you will become permanent employee and may become one of the core workforces for VNG in the future. So, the students are required after the end of the program, you have finished your study at  your university and can go to the office. If you currently are second-year student, be prepared knowledge for the next VNG Fresher.