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ZaloPay, Senior Software Engineer (Java, 22-PCP-0882)

locationTp.Hồ Chí Minh
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Payment Engine (PE) is the heart of ZaloPay. The module specializes in transaction processing and fund flows. Technically, it is a Distributed Transaction Coordinator.

The system supports various types of transactions (topup, withdrawal, money transfer, payment, ...). The main technical requirements of the system are to provide high throughput (3k TPS), low latency, high availability, and highly scalable APIs.

We’re looking for people with strong background or interest in building successful products or systems from the ground up.

Join ZaloPay Payment Engine team and you will have the opportunity to be part of the most important component of ZaloPay system!

Responsibilities (You will)
- Design, build and maintain large-scale services, data pipelines, tooling, and systems. Make a direct business impact in some of ZaloPay’s most mission-critical business domains including Merchant, Accounting, Finance, and Business Operations.
- Build strict controls across pipelines to ensure super high accuracy for all financial transactions. Ensure accurate, reliable, and timely financial reporting is delivered to a single source-of-truth financial data warehouse.
- Work in an Agile & collaborative environment involving different stakeholders.
Yêu cầu

- Have implemented and delivered distributed systems on a large scale.
- Experiences with distributed transaction algorithms such as TCC, SAGA, Two-Phase Commit.
- SQL, NoSQL database knowledge.
- Distributed Caching such as Redis.
- Distributed Locking such as ZooKeeper.
- Write high-quality & maintainable codes. We work mostly in Java and JavaScript. However, languages are tools and we care more about your mindset & general engineering skills.
- Are interested in solving business problems for ZaloPay’s Payment Engine team.

The following skills would be nice to have
- Java technologies: Spring Boot, Reactive Programming, Concurrent/Parallel Programming, Messaging Frameworks, etc.
- Experiences with big-data technologies such as Apache Kafka, and OLAP.
- Experiences with financial-related platforms/products are a plus.
- Knowing how to work with K8S or cloud services, e.g. GCP, AWS is a big plus.