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Join VNG to be part of communities that enhance our lives

03:10 PM | 12/04/2022

Besides the annual activities and social events, VNG also developed communities to connect young people to share their ideas and express themselves.


Code Tour: A platform for young programmers developing their mindset and skillset

Having originated from a coding tournament in 2018, Code Tour has become the platform for young people to sharpen their reasoning and skills in programming. After three years and 23 seasons of Code Challenge, Code Tour has recorded the participation of more than 3,200 contestants.


In 2021, Code Tour extended beyond being a programming contest to become an active community. Members can now exchange knowledge, share experiences and discuss various technological areas, besides taking part in coding challenges for prizes.

Learn more about Code Tour here: 


UpRace: the most influential running community in Vietnam

UpRace is a running-for-charity project initiated and sponsored by VNG since 2018.

By matching donations to each kilometer achieved by participants, VNG and other sponsors contribute at least VND 1000 to charity organizations.

UpRace has recorded more than 6 million kilometers from 115 thousand people in three years of development and donated more than VND14 billion to charities. From 2020 to 2021, the number of students joining UpRace rose rapidly, making UpRace a popular community among young sports enthusiasts.


Learn more about UpRace at


Saigon Bao Dung - a technology platform connecting Ho Chi Minh City’s citizens and local charities

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many Ho Chi Minh City’s citizens faced hardships making a living. In response to this urgent need, VNG immediately deployed the Saigon Bao Dung project- a built-in feature integrated into the Zalo messaging app and ZaloPay e-wallet, which allowed generous good-doers to extend their help to those in need. At the same time, the platform also opened space for those seeking help to post their calls for support.


Since its launch, Saigon Bao Dung has hosted 60 charity organizations, offering both in-kind and financial donations to disadvantaged and struggling communities affected by the pandemic. Twenty days after the launch, the platform has recorded more than 50,000 followers and 300,000 million contributions from the community. Due to its remarkable reach and engagement, this model is expected to be deployed nationwide.


At the beginning of August 2021, the Saigon Bao Dung fund spent VND2 billion to support charitable organizations on the platform to access more resources and continue to deploy meaningful activities for the community.