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Meet our Sales Manager at VNG Cloud

08:41 AM | 01/06/2023

As we grow older, we are likely to become stricter with our career choices. So, what made Ms. Nhanh Nguyen - an expert with nearly 15 years of experience - decide to join VNG Cloud in the position of Sales Manager – for cloud services solutions? 



Having a talk with Life at VNG, Ms. Nhanh shared many thoughts about her reasons for choosing this challenging position: "I never thought I would begin in the cloud services industry in the domestic market until I had the opportunity to learn about Cloud products at VNG Cloud, a business unit developed by a team of Vietnamese engineers with the belief that: products and solutions created and technologically-mastered by Vietnamese people will empower millions of other Vietnamese businesses to succeed in digital transformation." 


Every day, Ms. Nhanh and VNG Cloud's B2B Sales team focus on bringing services and solutions to strategic partners in different segments such as Fintech & Banking, Retail, Education, and Pro services... The whole Sales team agrees to deliver the mission in a professional and willing-to-do manner. Under the same mission to make VNG Cloud successful, the Sales team always has the companionship and commitment of the Product team, along with the culture of Growing People, and respects the true capacity of each Starter that VNG has been nurturing. 



Throwing back her journey with the growing business of VNG Cloud, Ms. Nhanh concludes: “I could see there are a lot of growth opportunities as salesmen are required to catch up with latest technologies, market updates and improve working skills. Yet, if you take the job seriously, the outcomes are sure to be fruitful."


Should you feel that you are in tune with her story and want to find a position to satisfy your passion for business and develop technology solutions, join the B2B Sales team at VNG Cloud nowAccount Manager |  Sales Manager and more.