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User Growth outlook and experience from ZaloPay's tech women

06:40 AM | 12/06/2023

Graduates of world-leading universities, Nam and Linh are now working in ZaloPay’s Growth team. Entering Fintech, a challenging but full-of-opportunities industry, they had many exciting experiences for career growth. Let's meet Nam and Linh and learn more about their working journey at ZaloPay!


Khanh Linh (left) holds a Master's degree in Integrated Marketing - from New York University and Son Nam (right) has a Bachelor's degree in Land Economics - the University of Cambridge. Picture source: ZaloPay.


As a returnee with previous experience working for international firms, what made you establish a home base at ZaloPay?

Nam: The Vietnamese market is not as mature as the West; it's easier to make an impact and launch exciting products. It's a prime time to learn a lot from really smart people and advance my career quickly. The accountability and visibility, even for the junior staff, make ZaloPay special.


Linh: Vietnam’s fintech industry is rapidly growing, especially in the amount of investment and number of new firms, which means there are many opportunities to challenge me in growth strategy and product marketing for a technology product. Also, I admire ZaloPay's senior managers and leaders, who are experts in developing growth strategies.


What does the User Growth team do? What is the biggest challenge?

Nam: The User Growth Team is responsible for ideating new products and optimizing the performance of the existing portfolio. It is the eyes of the ZaloPay team, looking ahead for new opportunities, across the field for rivals, and behind to see areas for improvement.  One big challenge is that there are many balls in the air at once, and you need to be prudent in how you focus your energy.


Linh: The biggest challenge is stakeholder management. Users and partners are always looking for the best in-app experience, but our resources are limited. One critical part of the User Growth team is to identify the key features and promotion campaigns that can ensure sustainable user growth while balancing the technology team’s capabilities.


Describe one thing you like the most about your job.

Nam: My working day depends on the project’s life cycle: I could be crunching numbers to assess product performance, brainstorming with my team to discuss new initiatives to keep things fresh, and meeting with other teams to share our findings. The variety's great and gives me a chance to see what I enjoy, and what I'm good at.


Linh: Managing a product from the concept design stage to the launching stage is the best experience I have had so far. In each stage of product development, I can gain a deep understanding of the product lifecycle as well as harness my diverse skill set, such as market research, product design, data analytics, and so on.


What makes working in Fintech different from other industries?

Nam: The opportunity to get in and make an impact, fast, is invaluable. It's great to see the value my work brings to users and the organization. It's empowering to be both the user and the provider of my own product, you're never too far removed from the people you're serving.


Linh: Product marketing is tied closely to product development. You must have a deep understanding of the product life-cycle, the product’s current position, and the customer journey in order to come up with good go-to-market strategies and marketing campaigns to acquire and retain users.


What inspires you at work? What do you do to recharge and take care of your mental health?

Nam: Strong leadership and vision from my supervisors are really inspiring. Seeing differences in their working style gives me confidence that there are many paths to success. I've recently started hitting the gym with my colleagues after work. The price of “free ninety-nine” can't be beaten.


Linh: My team’s Zalo group chat is actually an “encyclopedia” about the fintech market insights, life survival skills, culture tourism, Saigon delicacies, and even the most viral trends among the Gen Z community. My team often hit the gym together to recharge after work. I also try to maintain a good sleep schedule to recharge my brain power.


Thanks, Nam and Linh for their interesting story at ZaloPay. 

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