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Top VNG recruitment programs you don’t want to miss

06:20 AM | 27/04/2022

VNG is always looking for young talents to join the team and share their talent to develop various products and services of the company. Besides several opportunities for interns and collaborators, VNG also has talent contests and training programs for young candidates to challenge themselves in the technology industry. 


For technology students and fresh graduates 

1. VNG Tech Fresher is the largest recruitment and training program for senior students with technology majors and fresh graduates from IT and technology faculty. When signing up for VNG Tech Fresher, they will have a chance to join 3 leading product segments: ZingPlay Game Studios, ZaloPay, and VNG Cloud. 


2. VNG Game Development Fresher: Knowing for being the largest recruiting and training Game Developer program in Vietnam, several young game developers have their talent explored after joining GDF. It is an opportunity for IT enthusiasts to improve their programming skills as a team of experienced mentors will train them.



For students and freshers from non-IT majors


3. VNG Level Up Fresher: this is the largest recruitment and training program for non-tech talents from VNG. In 2022, VLUF offers the opportunity to explore the game industry in Marketing, Product Operations, and Game Design. 


4. Brand Communications Trainee: a program for senior students interested in communications/branding and looking for an environment to unleash their creativity, turning ideas into real projects. 


5. VNG Game Design Fresher

Game Design Fresher is the annual recruitment and training program for VNG ZingPlay Game Studios. Students from different backgrounds, skills, and majors are encouraged to apply as long as they are passionate about developing games and want to become high-level Game Designers.


6. VNG Talent Acquisition Trainee

VNG Talent Acquisition Trainee is an exclusive recruitment and training program for students interested in the field of human resources. Selected candidates will have a chance to experience working in a professional environment, and equip them with knowledge and skills to become Talent Acquisition experts in the future.


If you are looking for opportunities at VNG or would love to hear about these programs as soon as possible, follow VNG's official recruitment channels or create job notifications at VNG Careers.